The Best Women's Ministry is a Strong Men's Ministry

Recently, a pastor wrote an online article about Men's and Women's Ministry that is worth repeating here. For the sake of brevity, I'll share just a snippet here and let you read the full post on Cripplegate. 

The intention here is not to slight the ministries offered to women or the many valuable services rendered by women in the church. In my experience women’s ministries are often the most efficient and effective in the local church context. My intent is to draw out a simple principle: Wives (and women in general) are ministered to in unique ways when their husbands (or male populations) are passionate for Jesus Christ and have willingly assumed the role of spiritual leader in the home and church. In this sense, one of the most effective ministries a church can have to its female population is an intense desire to reach its male population. You want to bless a wife? Get after her husband.

I would encourage you to read the full article here at the Cripplegate.