Books of the Month 2024:

January - The Bruised Reed - Richard Sibbes

February - Remade - Paul Tautges

March - All That Jesus Commanded - John Piper

April - Duties of Christian Fellowship - John Owen

May - Untangling Emotions - J. Alisdair Groves & Winston T. Smith

June - Zeal without Burnout - Christopher Ash

Books of the Month 2023:

January - The Expulsive Power of a New Affection - Thomas Chalmers

February - A Small Book About Why We Hide - Edward Welch

March - Holiness - J.C. Ryle

April - The Compelling Community - Mark Dever

May - Deeper - Dane Ortlund

June - Rejoice and Tremble - Michael Reeves

July - Friendish - Kelly Needham

August - True Community - Jerry Bridges

September - Praying with Paul - D.A. Carson

October - Do Not Be True to Yourself - Kevin DeYoung

November - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel: A Liturgy for Daily Worship from Advent - Jonathan Gibson

December - Rooted and Grounded - Jeremy Walker

Books of the Month 2022:

January - New Morning Mercies - Paul Tripp

February - Understanding Baptism - Bobby Jamieson

March - Made for Friendship - Drew Hunter

April - Knowing Sin - Mark Jones

May - God, Technology, and the Christian Life - Tony Reinke

June - Dynamics of Spiritual Life - Richard Lovelace

July - Spurgeon's Sorrows - Zack Eswine

August - Be Thou My Vision - Jonathan Gibson

September - Tell the Truth - Will Metzger

October - Respectable Sins - Jerry Bridges

November - Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices - Thomas Brooks

December - What's Best Next? - Matt Perman

Books of the Month 2021:

January - Catching Foxes - John Henderson

February - Conscience - Andrew Naselli and J.D. Crowley

March - Understanding the Lord's Supper - Bobby Jamieson

April- What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord - Michael Reeves

May - Humility: True Greatness - C.J. Mahaney

June - Because He Loves Me - Elyse Fitzpatrick

July - Reformation Women - Rebecca Vandoodwaard

August - Note to Self - Joe Thorn

September - Knowable Word - Peter Krol

October - Saints, Sufferers, and Sinners - Michael Emlet

November - The Power of Christian Contentment - Andrew Davis

December - Rescue Skills and Rescue Plan (two books) - Deepak Reju and Jonathan Holmes

Books of the Month 2020:

January - A Good Old Age - Derek Prime

March - Evangelism - J. Mack Stiles

April - Spiritual Gifts - Thomas Schreiner 

May - Coronavirus and Christ - John Piper

June and July - God and Money John Cortines and Gregory Baumer

August - Discipling - Mark Dever

September - Gentle and Lowly - Dane Ortlund

October - Reckless Abandon - David Sitton

November - God's Battle Plan for the Mind - David Saxton

December - The Cross-Centered Life - C.J. Mahaney


Other Recommended Books:

Dynamics of Spiritual Life - Richard Lovelace 

Revitalize - Andy Davis

The Unquenchable Flame - Michael Reeves

Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart - J.D. Greear

Thoughts for Young Men - J.C. Ryle

Trusting God Even When Life Hurts - Jerry Bridges

The Valley of Vision - Arthur Bennett

Peacemaker - Ken Sande

Devoted to God - Sinclair Ferguson

Why We Love the Church - Kevin DeYoung and Ted Cluck

Just Do Something - Kevin DeYoung

How to Worship Jesus Christ - Joseph Carroll

Raising Men, Not Boys - Mike Fabarez

For the Glory - Duncan Hamilton

Habits of Grace - David Mathis

Your Future Self Will Thank You - Drew Dyck

Finally Free - Heath Lambert

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism - Mark Dever

Compelling Community - Jamie Dunlop and Mark Dever

Confronting Christianity - Rebbeca McLaughlin

Knowing God - J.I. Packer

Biblical Theology - Nick Roark and Robert Cline

A Small Book About a Big Problem - Ed Welch


Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Bible is a digital study bible and a fantastic aid for your bible study time. Alongside the text of Scripture, it includes many tools like commentaries, resources, bible dictionaries, lexicons, and clickable details that help you to dig deeper into the Word of God. With both a website and an app, there are more than a few ways you can make the most of this tool. While you could easily pay thousands of dollars for bible software, this free resource already does many of the things that expensive software is used for.



Boyce College is located in Lousville, Kentucky, and is a solid Christian College that we would gladly encourage our people to attend. You don't have to move to Louisville, either. They offer many fantastic classes online, including bible, theology, and ministry classes. Furthermore, their website offers many helpful resources, articles, podcasts, and sermon audio that would be an excellent resource for any believer.


TMU logo

The Master's Univerity is located in Santa Clarita, California and is connected with The Master's Seminary and President and Pastor John MacArthur. They function as an online college offering distance education classes as well as a traditional college where students can move and attend. Their wesbite also contains chapel audio and many other resources you may find helpful. 


Recommended Podcasts: