April 12th, 2024 Update

FootingThe footings for the new campus have been poured, and the fire hydrant and riser have been installed. In the next week, some of the wall blocks will be going up, as well as plumbing and electrical conduit being run before the slab is poured.

While the recent rains have slowed things down by a couple of days, the overall timeline is still on schedule, and the hope is to be finished by sometime in the summer of 2025.  

March 29th, 2024 Update

The New Campus construction project remains very active. Footers are being dug, and new campus sitesupplies are being brought in daily. Pastor Jason has been meeting with the project managers on a frequent basis, and, by God's grace, things seem to be progressing smoothly. Due to all of the increased construction activity and associated dangers,  it has become necessary to ask that members please refrain from visiting the construction site. We will continue to provide regular updates and photos as they become available.

March 1st, 2024 Update

groundbreaking.JPGOur first day in the new campus will be a Sunday, but it's not this Sunday. Obviously, the Ground Breaking Ceremony was a great encouragement to all of us, and the work on-site continues each day. It's exciting to see! Other than that, there simply aren't many exciting updates, but rather a string of small things happening.

Behind the scenes, we’ve just completed choosing exciting details like flush valves for toilets, hammer arresters, hot water heaters, and the sink for the janitor’s closet. While some of these more detailed things go by without great celebration, each one is a step toward the final completion of a home for our body and a headquarters for our mission.

Please continue to pray with us as the New Campus Project progresses!

June 30th, 2023 Update

Canyon Family, 
It’s been an exciting kickoff month on the New Campus Project! After our big meeting announcing that we now own the property and the push to move forward, we have been “Full speed ahead” on a number of fronts. Below you’ll get updates on our submission to the city, drawing revisions, and God’s provision. 

Building Drawings for webFirst, we’ve just completed our first revision of drawings with the architects and general contractors, and have submitted them to the City of Prescott for approval. We expect to receive their first set of comments back sometime at the end of July, although we’ve been told the city is behind on this, so it could take a bit longer. We know you’re shocked to imagine the city could be slower than expected. Once receiving the city’s comments, we’ll be able to make final revisions and re-submit for permits. 


Second, while we wait for the city, we’ve been hard at work tweaking pages upon pages of drawings, details, and notes on the construction of the new campus. We’ve had the opportunity to consult with numerous professionals inside and outside of our church who have helped us think through much of this, and that process continues.Building Aerial for web 

Honestly, having completed the floor plan, the exciting part is over for drawings, and we’ve moved on to less thrilling discussions. We’ve been addressing details like fire sprinklers, water pressure, ceiling height, phone lines (they still make those?), screen placement in the sanctuary, and… wait for it… parking spaces. All necessary things we’ll be grateful for, but not exactly the stuff movies are made about.

One exciting new thing we’ve discussed is the addition of a walking path around the property. While it’s a small thing, it would connect to the already existing Deep Well Ranch walking path, making us a part of the larger community and providing opportunities for us to welcome people into our campus. As an additional bonus, those of you who live in Deep Well Ranch could walk the path to church on Sundays!

Perhaps most exciting is God’s provision over the last few weeks. As you know, our goal is to raise 2 Million Dollars so that we can begin construction. Since that announcement just a few weeks ago, the generous giving of our body has totaled more than $352,000! This puts us that much closer to being able to break ground on our new campus. With $1.64MM remaining, please join us in praying for the Lord’s continuing provision, and let’s eagerly watch as we anticipate his answers to our prayers. 

As your elders, we’re blessed to see God caring for this church. We plan to continue sending monthly update emails, but you are always welcome to call teh church office or talk with any of us if you have any questions. We feel deeply thankful to partner together with you in the ministry of the gospel he’s given to all of us: to know him and to make him known here in Prescott and our surrounding communities!

For His Glory, 
Jason Drumm, 
on behalf of the elders

New Campus Kickoff

Brothers and Sisters, 

Our great God continues to provide and guide us throughout the New Campus Project graciously!
At our New Campus Kickoff meeting on Sunday, May 28th, Byron, Andrew, and Brad presented updates on the planning and building of our new campus. To serve you by keeping you informed on the Campus Project, we are sending this update to summarize all we communicated that evening. 
We have secured the 15-acre property on Willow Creek Road and Warrior Way as the location for our new church home. The campus floor plans are complete (click the image to enlarge), and the detailed construction drawings are also progressing and will be submitted to the city in the next few weeks for approval.

Financially, the Lord has provided 75% of the total construction cost of about $8MM. (Click the image to enlarge.) We utilized $800k to acquire the 15 acres mentioned above. Additionally, we received a substantial offer on the 6-acre Rosser property, now in escrow; upon closing, we will receive $893k.Thanks to the faithful giving of our church family, Canyon has another $2.2MM cash on hand for this project. While it would be wonderful to receive the remaining $4.2MM all at once, it is financially feasible for us to cover the monthly payment of a $2.2MM loan since our current monthly rental payments will disappear. Therefore, to begin construction, we will need approximately $2MM. 

Please rejoice with us in God's incredible provision for our young church!

As we advance toward constructing our new church home, we have replaced “Fifth Sunday” giving with new options listed below. This type of sacrificial giving, above and beyond our regular offering, both provides for our operating budget and the 2MM needed to begin construction. Please prayerfully consider how God would work through you to give toward our Campus Project.

Here are several ways to give to the New Campus Project: 

  • Sunday Giving: write "New Campus" in the memo line of your check and place it in the offering bag. 
  • Online Giving: click here and choose “New Campus” from the dropdown menu. Please be aware that 3% of online giving is paid to SimpleGive as a processing fee and does not go to our church.
  • Pledges: committing to give a set amount at a set interval to be directed to the New Campus fund. For example, "I pledge to give $25/week."
  • Other Giving: Drop off or send checks with "New Campus" in the memo line to:

Canyon Bible Church of Prescott
122 N Cortez St. Suite #317
Prescott, AZ 86301


We believe God is calling all of us to pray fervently about the planning and building our new campus. We are eager to see how the Lord will continue providing for our gathering in the days ahead through our faithful giving, and we look forward to the day when we will have our own church home. 
If you would like to watch the New Campus Kickoff meeting, there is a video recording of it on Canyon’s YouTube channel here: New Campus Kickoff Meeting

In Christ,

The Elders of Canyon Bible Church of Prescott