Camp Regen Update:

This summer, our Student Ministry will be heading back to Glorietta, New Mexico for Camp Regeneration. The dates for camp are July 26 - 30, and the cost is $500 to attend.

If you are a high school student and would love to go, please fill out the registration form by clicking here.

To get more info on Camp Regen, visit their website.


Student Ministry Spring 2024 Schedule



            10—No Meeting

            17—Meeting (Sommerville)

            31—Meeting (Sommerville)



            7—Meeting (Sommerville)

            14—Girls (Location pending)

            21—No Meeting



            6—Meeting (Sommerville)

             13—Guys Night (Location Pending)

            20—meeting (Sommerville)



             3—Meeting (Sommerville)

            17—Meeting (Sommerville)  



             1—Meeting (Sommerville)

            15—Meeting (Sommerville)



June (Summer Begins)

            5—Meeting (Sommerville)

            19—Graduation Party (Sommerville)



            3—Meeting (Sommerville)

            17—Meeting (Sommerville)


Student Ministry:

Student Ministry is for students from 6th through 12th grade and meets from 6:30-8:30 pm, mostly every other Wednesday. Student Ministry meets at the Sommerville home (unless otherwise indicated) located at 3 S. Murphey Way in Prescott.


We make it our ambition to see the Gospel advanced among our students as they are saved, sanctified, and serving.

We recognize that the Student Ministry is, in many ways, a ministry in which we come alongside parents. They are the ones primarily responsible for the spiritual state of their own children, so we want to partner with parents in the lives of their teenage children to watch the Lord do great things in their family as their children come to know Christ and grow to be like Him.

We do this through relationships, and we seek to build those relationships through Sunday morning worship services together with the Body of Christ, Wednesday night bible study, annual camps, and regular youth events. At those services, camps, and events, we do this through preaching, evangelism, and discipleship. As other members of the body of Christ come alongside teenagers in discipleship, we share with them not only the Gospel of God but also our very lives, because they have become so dear to us.

“But we proved to be gentle among you, as a nursing mother tenderly cares for her own children. Having so fond an affection for you, we were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us. …just as you know how we were exhorting and encouraging and imploring each one of you as a father would his own children so that you would walk in a manner worthy of the God who calls you into His own kingdom and glory.” (1 Thess 2:7-12 NASB) 

Any other questions? We'd love to help! Feel free to email or call our Student Ministry Pastor Josh Arellano.


Student Ministry Pastor Josh Arellano
Phone: 928.237.9520