As citizens of the United States, we at Canyon Bible Church of Prescott are grateful for the opportunity to live in a country where we are free to worship as the Scriptures call us to. We're also thankful for the many freedoms that we enjoy and have been won by courageous men and women in the past and the present. We care about this country and the direction in which it is headed. We pray regularly in our corporate gatherings and private time with the Lord that He will grant our government leaders wisdom and the ability to govern justly in accordance to God's Word (1 Tim 2:1-2).

While we believe that individual Christians should pray, seek to positively influence government, and submit to the leaders that God has put in place (Rom 13:1-7; 1 Pet 2:13-17), we also understand that the local church has a different purpose. The local church was ordained by God to build up believers and to spread the message of the gospel throughout the world. Both of these are primarily done by preaching the Word of God. This Word of God both strengthens believers, and is the means by which the Holy Spirit works to regenerate dead hearts. Neither Jesus nor the apostles sought political change in the areas where they lived. Their focus was on bringing the message of the Kingdom of God to people from all ethnic and national backgrounds.

At times, cultural and political issues of the day will affect Christians. At other times, a clear Biblical worldview about a particular issue will need to be taught so that God's people can know how to view the specific issue in light of God's revelation. At times like these, we will not back down from teaching and proclaiming God's Word and will address political issues only when they are Biblical issues.

We believe that proper legislation and our favorite candidates can do some relative good. However, we believe that God's Word, and specifically the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only instrument for true heart change in the world. Ultimately political debates may change a mind or two here or there. However, God has called us to proclaim the message that not only changes minds, but changes hearts and wills. We do not seek a mere moral improvement to the nations of the world, but we seek and pray for God to resurrect dead hearts to worship Him first and foremost. When this happens, people will tend to make wise political, social, and economic decisions.

Since this mandate for the local church has not changed, and since we desire to be intentional and undistracted in our pursuit of it, Canyon Bible Church of Prescott will not endorse particular candidates nor will we pass out voter guides, or be a means of promoting one political party over others. Our focus is on the accurate dissemination of the Word of God and the shepherding of His people.

We will focus on being a blessing, not just to our great nation, but to the nations of the world where God gives us influence. More than wanting America to thrive, which we do, we desire the joy of all peoples throughout the world as they find their satisfaction in the King of Kings (Ps 67). The message of the church, namely the death and resurrection of Christ on behalf of sinners is the greatest message in all of the world and that is the matter in which we will be fully engaged.