How to Talk with Your Kids About the Sermon



Talk to them about what a sermon is. A sermon is when a man of God the Word of God to the people of God.

You can say to your children on Saturday night or Sunday morning:

  • “I wonder what God will teach us in the sermon on Sunday?”
  • “Let’s pray that we will understand the sermon."
  • "Let's pray together for our pastor's study in the Word this week.”
  • “Let’s thank God that we have His Word to guide us.”

Perhaps at some point during the week, or on Sunday mrning over breakfast, read the passage with your kids. 



Give them a journal to draw images or write words from the stories they hear. 

Make notes to talk with your kids about.

Especially write down the stories or vivid illustrations and remember what truth they connect to.



Ask them to show you their drawing or notes, and ask questions about what they drew or wrote down. 

Ask them about what they learned

            About God

            About us

            About sin

            About the gospel

Tell your kids how the sermon helped you… confess ways that you were convicted. Share ways that you were encouraged. Explain how God used the sermon in your life. 


Remember the Long-term approach

Anything is better than nothing. You don’t have to be a pastor and re-preach the sermon every week. You don't have to have long conversations. Simple is good. Sometimes you will have deep and meaningful conversations. Some weeks your conversation about the sermon will end abruptly in hysterical laughter because your son thinks the pastor said something about a fart.

The important thing is that your kids will learn from these conversations over the long haul that the sermon on Sunday is not just helpful and meaningful, but wonderful.


This video is not meant to be exhaustive. I would love to hear from you about some of the things you do. Email me at or call our church office anytime if there is any way I can serve you.