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Christian Thinking Regarding Medical Care and the Need for Respect when Opinions Differ: Part 3

Christian Thinking Regarding Medical Care and the Need for Respect when Opinions Differ: Part 3 by Dave Lutz When opinions and convictions contradict. Even after seeking advice, we can end up with differing opinions as to the best course of treatment for a particular physical problem, and those differing opinions can become strong convictions. This can happen among memb...

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Don't Let Your Friends Climb Everest Alone

Everest Alone

Did you know that it's illegal to climb Mount Everest alone? After countless deaths of people trying to scale to the top, the government of Nepal has declared it against the law to make the attempt on your own. You are now required to go as part of a team. Why? Because it's just too dangerous to do it without being tied to others. This past year, over 300 people died try...

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Resolved to be Devoted to God

Resolved to be Devoted to God January 30, 2019 This past Sunday I preached Psalm 76. At the end of the Psalm we were reminded to commit ourselves to God based on the salvation that He gives to us. I read a quote from Jonathan Edwards on his desire to be completely devoted to God. This quote has motivated me throughout my Christian life. I wanted to share the quote wit...

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Bible Study Suggestions

Bible Study Suggestions Here are a few recommended studies that you can do this summer, on your own, or with a few other believers. These are good ways to learn and grow as well as stay connected and encourage one another. RADICAL: TAKING BACK YOUR FAITH FROM THE AMERICAN DREAMby David Platt - $9.51 (9 Chapters)David Platt challenges you to consider with an open heart ...

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5 Practical Ways to Cultivate Humility

5 Practical Suggestions for Cultivating Humility Everyday...

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9 Lessons from the Thessalonian Church

Having preached this Sunday on 3 lessons from the Thessalonian church in 1 Thess 2, I mentioned that there are actually quite a few lessons we could learn from the believers in Thessalonica. I have nine here, and would guess we could find several more. The gospel is flourishing in Thessalonica (1:8). Paul commends the believers there for their faithfulness. This is a chur...

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