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Top 10 Books We Read in 2018 (from your leaders)

From Your Leaders in the Canyon Offices

In one of our last office meetings of the year, we had a conversation about some of the best books we’ve each read this year, and thought we’d offer it to you as a list of recommended reads for the year ahead. As you begin to think and pray about 2019, consider these books as some that may be worth your time. Here are the top 10 books we read in 2018, from those of us in the offices at Canyon. Enjoy.


The Storm-Tossed Family
by Russell Moore

“More and more I’m convinced that the strongest families in the kingdom of God are the ones who deeply understand their need for God on a moment by moment basis. My prayer is that by regularly embracing all that Jesus did for us on the cross, we can lead our families with hearts of gratitude and eager expectation rather than by fear and the pursuit of perfectionism. Moore’s book will be a great tool to that end” -Pastor Andrew


DAWS: A Man Who Trusted God

By Betty Skinner

“Dawson Trotman was the founder of the Navigators ministry. Trotman and the Navigators were committed to Scripture memory, evangelism, and discipleship. This book was a good reminder for me that influencing others for Christ starts with my own Scripture intake and prayer. In Daws you will find an ordinary Christian doing extraordinary things by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
-Pastor Andrew


12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

By Tony Reinke

“Drawing from the insights of numerous thinkers, published studies, and his own research, writer Tony Reinke identifies twelve potent ways our smartphones have changed us — for good and bad. Reinke calls us to cultivate wise thinking and healthy habits in the digital age, encouraging us to maximize the many blessings, to avoid the various pitfalls, and to wisely wield the most powerful gadget of human connection ever unleashed.”

Speaking of ways your phone is changing you, here’s a video about this book:


John Patton: Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas

“Few books are more inspiring to the Christian reader than a compelling missionary biography. This book is no exception.” – Steven Lawson

“This story was a stunning account of dedication, desperation, sacrifice at the most extreme level, and selfless love to Christ. I was marked for life by the amazing missionary adventure and the far reaching and lasting gospel impact of that one man empowered and protected by the Holy Spirit.” – John MacArthur


By Michael Reeves

Why is God love? Because God is a Trinity. Why can we be saved? Because God is a Trinity. How are we able to live the Christian life? Through the Trinity. In this lively book, we find an introduction to Christianity and the Christian life that is from start to finish rooted in our triune God―Father, Son and Spirit. Not only do we understand the person and work of Christ through the Trinity, but also prayer, the church and every aspect of our faith. 


By Rosaria Butterfield

What did God use to draw a radical, committed unbeliever to himself? Did God take her to an evangelistic rally? Or, since she had her doctorate in literature, did he use something in print? No, God used an invitation to dinner in a modest home, from a humble couple who lived out the gospel daily, simply, and authentically.

With this story of her conversion as a backdrop, Rosaria Butterfield invites us into her home to show us how God can use this same “radical, ordinary hospitality” to bring the gospel to our lost friends and neighbors. Such hospitality sees our homes as not our own, but as God’s tools for the furtherance of his kingdom as we welcome those who look, think, believe, and act differently from us into our everyday, sometimes messy lives―helping them see what true Christian faith really looks like.


True Worshipers

by Bob Kauflin

In True Worshipers, Bob Kauflin, a seasoned pastor and musician, opens our eyes to the massive significance of being the type of worshiper God is seeking. Rooted in the gospel of grace and filled with practical application, this book aims to connect Sunday morning to the rest of your life―helping you fulfill your calling to be a true worshiper each and every day.


Love or Die

By Alexander Strauch

In this book, Alexander Strauch basically just walks through Revelation 2:2-6, examining the incredible words of Jesus to his church. We can be doctrinally accurate church members and upstanding citizens, and still be displeasing Christ if we are not walking in love. Furthermore, our love can grow cold and we need this reminder. This book is not only a great short-read for any Christian, but also has an included study guide that can be helpful for group discussion.


David Brainard: A Love for the Lost

Trail Blazers Series

This book is geared for 9-12 year old readers, but is also a fantastic book for the family to read together out loud. It is one of the many fantastic books in the Trailblazers Series. If you like this one, you should look into the others as well.

David Brainerd arose as a compassionate and fearless missionary to the various Indian tribes in America. Riding on his horse across rivers, over mountains, and through towns, Brainerd carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, the hurting, and the broken.


A Small Book About A Big Problem

By Ed Welch

Biblical counselor and psychologist Ed Welch invites readers to take a 50-day journey that unpacks anger and encourages readers to become more skillful at responding with patience to life s difficulties. Along the way, readers will be introduced to Jesus, the Prince of Peace the only one who can empower his people to grow in patience, peace, and wholeness.


Compelling Community: Where God’s Power Makes a Church Attractive

By Mark Dever

God’s people are called to a togetherness and commitment that transcends all-natural boundaries―whether ethnic, generational, or economic. But such a community can be enjoyed only when it relies on the power of God in the gospel.

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