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Sundays 10 a.m. at PHS



Sunday Services at 10 am at:  
Prescott High School-Ruth Street Theater
1050 N. Ruth St.
Prescott, AZ 86301



Church Office: 8:30am-4:30pm Tue-Fri
122 N Cortez St
Prescott, AZ
Suite 317


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In the event of inclement weather, during a Sunday worship service, the following steps will serve as a guideline to ensure proper communication and safety of the congregation and this page will be updated at 5 am Sunday morning

  • The elders will decide, by 5 am Sunday morning, as to one of three options for service. 1. Service will be canceled. 2. Service will be held but modified. 3. Service will be held as usual.
  • Once a determination has been made the church administrator/elder over media will be contacted to post decision on church website, social media, and send out an email to the congregation. 
    • Specific notifications will include one of the following:
      • We plan to hold service as usual without any modifications to the normal service
      • We plan to hold services as usual. However, due to inclement weather our children’s ministry may be canceled, but we will do our best to keep 0-2 years open. We would invite everyone to come who could make it, but of course, make the best decision for your family (this is the most likely scenario)
      • Service has been cancelled (this is the least likely scenario)
    • If inclement weather occurs the decision to limit available rooms or cancel children’s ministry will be made by the children’s ministry leader and the elder over children’s ministry based on the availability of volunteers.
    • The church’s safety team will be responsible for clearing sidewalks and pathways to all entrances to the auditorium for worship service. Ice melt/kitty litter is available in the on-site storage container.
    • Snow Plow: In the event of significant snow fall a plow may be needed to clear out parking lots. If the determination is made the Needs Ministry leader will be contacted to coordinate plowing.

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