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The Prophet Project


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Welcome to The Prophet Project. This is a daily study through the Major and Minor Prophets the in one year.

This daily devotional was put together by the elders of Canyon Bible Church of Prescott to help you work your way through the Old Testament Prophets in one year. Many “Read thru the Bible in a Year” plans have you speed through the Prophets at breakneck speeds, and while it is good to get through the whole Bible, the Prophets are an area of Scripture that we could all stand to slow down a bit and dig deeper. 

The prophets can sometimes be less familiar, and as such, more difficult for many believers to understand. This doesn’t have to be the case. Our prayer is that you would utilize one of the Suggested Resources on the next page as a help in your devotional time. First spend a few minutes reading the passage for the day, and if you need additional help with understanding what you are reading, take a few more minutes to prayerfully consult one of these helpful resources as you seek to apply the Scripture to your life and your thinking. May your intellect, your will, and your emotions be captivated by the God of the prophets. 

We pray that these 3 simple resources may prove to be helpful for you in your devotional readings of the Old Testament Prophets. Anyone of them could prove to be of great assistance, while all three of them would make an excellent trio. 

For His Glory,

The Canyon Elders

Prophet Project books are available at the church office for $5. Click here to view The Prophet Project date layout for the entire year to follow along as we read through the Epistles together.



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