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Property-ShotThe Lord has richly blessed us. As such a young church, we’re grateful that we’ve been able not only to meet at Prescott High School, but also to have our own land that we can work towards developing into a new campus for our body. This page is designed to give you regular updates on the process.

As you scroll down, you will see the most recent updates first, followed by a historical chronology of the posts that have come before. 



To Give to the new campus project, please click here and use the dropdown menu to select "New Campus Project." 



We plan to have a video uploaded soon of our November 15th New Campus Meeting. Until then, you can download the PDF's of the current elevations and floorplans by clicking here and can see many details on the new campus below. 


We are pleased to announce that the elders have now signed a contract with Michael Taylor Architects to see us through this process. We have been through many less-exciting processes involving surveys and soil testing that are not exactly announcement-worthy, but are nonetheless an important part of due diligence for a project of this magnitude. 

SitePlan-for-webWe have arrived at an overall siteplan for development of the new campus to include parking, sidewalks, an outdoor fellowship space, an additional entry and exit lane onto the 89, and a 2-story building of approximately 25,000 square feet. Many details could still change as this project progresses towards greater details, but here are some of the highlights as things curently stand: 

  • Sanctuary size to seat 700-900
  • Office center and adult classrooms
  • Kids of Canyon wing to include nursery and classrooms
  • Playground equipment accesible from Kids of Canyon wing
  • Lobby and Outdoor fellowship space
  • Kitchen to support fellowship events

Many other details are underway, and we are currently working on finalizing floorplans for the main building. The next steps include having construction drawings completed, securing contractors for the work, and acquiring all of the necessary permits and permissions to begin construction. Our current hope is that we may be able to begin construction as early as September of 2020, which would allow for a potential completion of the project around July of 2021.

The financial aspect of this continues to be a major focus of the project. We want to build something that will serve our body well, but will not become an unecessary financial burden: an instrument, not a monument. Once construction drawings are completed, this will provide a clearer picture of the finances required to begin construction, and we will keep you apprised as we know more. 

The elders are hoping to be able to show drawings, schematics, and finances for the project at some point in the first quarter of 2020. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom for everyone involved and look forward to updating you soon. 



As the elders continue through the building process, we want this page to be a place we can keep you up-to-date with the most recent developments. October 2019 was a full month of meetings with various architects, the city of Prescott, ministry leaders at Canyon, and other individuals involved in the process.

After meeting with all of the ministry leaders, and talking with many individuals in the body to discern and clarify the needs of our people, many of the ideas we’ve been kicking around for years have now become more solidified and we are well into the master planning process.

One of the architects we hired to help us begin this process created several design concepts for both the master plan of the entire campus and the building itself. None of these are set in stone yet and will continue to be updated as we refine the scope of work, the budget, the needs of our body. Our greatest desire is to serve our people well and to discern what we believe the Lord is calling us to build.

Byron Tabbut has taken the lead in all of this, and as the elder overseeing the New Campus Project, he is the best person for you to reach out to with any questions. 

As elders, we are continually working towards our goals for the new property. Some of the movements are not very apparent, and not even very exciting. City permits, land survey discussions, and geotechnical maps are hardly worthy of hearty announcement, but each of them is a part of the slow process to move our church to the new campus. 

While we fully expect this process to take years, not months, we have no exact dates or indicators for a timeline as of yet. Future updates are likely to move towards clarity on that, but we don't have any desire to rush. 

As we continue in this process, there will be some milestones, and updates along the way, but the most exciting thing happening in our church is not the new campus or a new building, but the ministry that you are doing among one another each and every week. We are a church now. We are doing ministry now. The gospel is advancing now, and none of that needs to wait for a building or a campus. 



We’ve had many questions in regard to giving towards the New Canyon Campus. Therefore, in an effort to communicate well, we have compiled the details below to assist you in planning your giving.

We’ve designated 5 Sundays in 2017 on which all giving will go towards the New Canyon Campus. They each fall as the 5th Sunday of the month. If the Lord would provide for you, our hope is that all giving towards the New Campus Project would be above and beyond your current monthly giving, on which the church’s standard budget is based. For each of these 5 Sundays, you can give in the offering on that Sunday or give online or at the church office during the rest of that same week.

 New Campus Giving Dates Graphic

As we wait to see how the Lord’s providence and provision will unfold, we are committed to not rushing the process. The elders are continually grateful to the Lord to see the generosity of the people of Canyon. We recently gave out this 1-page flyer at church on Sunday to provide details for giving to the new campus. 

New Campus Giving Handout by Jason Drumm on Scribd




Currently, the elders are working with our architect to talk through the options for "building out" the inside of the two buildings on our campus which are currently just empty warehouses. There will be a process of back-and-forth with drawings and sketches and floorplans in working towards a determination for how we will use the space. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the leadership of our church. 



Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.07.04 PM

Last week, several of the elders met at the building with the design and architectural team to brainstorm, discuss, and plan. We looked at floorplan sketches. We pointed and questioned. We walked around a big empty shell of a building talking and laughing. It was an exciting time to dream about the future even as we imagined where various classrooms, hallways, and offices would go. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.22.25 PMRight now, it doesn't look much like a church at all. From Pepsi stickers on warehouse doors to hanging banners promoting your favorite carbonated drinks, the building has all the remaining paraphenelia of an old Pepsi plant. Because, well, that's exactly what it is. Or we should say, that's exactly what it was.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.21.23 PMIn a thrilling turn of events, everything will be built and ready tomorrow. No, just kidding. This will be a long process taking months of time for planning, designing, building, wiring, piping, construction, and a host of other activities all culminating in Canyon Bible Church having a new place to call home. But the process has begun and is now underway. In the months ahead, it will undergo enough transformation and change to provide many great illustrations for years of sermons to come.

While we know that the church is not a building or a campus (the church is the people), we're excited about how this new campus will allow us to more effectively accomplish the mission God has given us to make disciples. 

 Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.08.04 PM



Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.03.10 PM

We are in the second, more detailed planning phase, developing the initial planning and review of important engineering items so that a specific budget can be developed for completion of the building. Our professional counterpart for this phase is Michael Taylor Architects.

In this stage, we will work through several things. We will know with some degree of certainty what, if any, major additional structural engineering might be required. We will develop a phasing plan in this stage where we determine what is needed now and what might be wisely deferred to a later date. The biggest of these considerations is what footprint and design will support a second floor and perhaps an elevator to service it in the future.

The idea is to determine what we need now for ministry and get that in place. We have given our Architect a broad outline of needs and desires to fulfill the ministry. A reasonable estimate of these costs will help in determining what cash we need in hand now to get going. We can then complete detailed plans, get actual bids, and get started.

As we look towards the financial commitment to begin "building out" the inside for our needs, we have also submitted financial information to two different potential lenders for their consideration. We have estimates of costs, but they are only that. As the precise financial picture comes forward, we will consider how best to accumulate what is needed to start pounding nails without impinging on what God has given us to do in ministry now.

The Elders have resolved to have a budget for the new building that requires no increase in our present giving to fully service it. That does not, however, cover the need we will have for a down payment needed for the improvements. We have already been blessed to have funded a sufficient down payment on the land and buildings now owned. Pray for wisdom in all of that process. We continue to pray that our focus remains on our mission as a church and our love and unity and that we don’t get distracted by the blessings and tools that it appears the Lord has in store for us.




At this point, the future campus of Canyon Bible Church of Prescott is just an empty shell of a building with a lot of potential. Let's all be in prayer for the many moments of ministry we will, if the Lord allows, be sharing with one another in this building in days to come. 





Praise the Lord! He has provided us a campus to call home. There are already two buildings located on the property, which we will have the privilege of redesigning to meet our needs. Over the next several months, we will be working through the process of renovating and building-out the inside to handle all of our classrooms, office spaces, and our worship center. 

The drawing below, done by our Architect, is just a basic representation of what the campus could look like once it's completed. There are yet many more steps in the process, and you can follow the updates here on this page. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.03.10 PM


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