Q: How Can I Know if I am Called to Ministry?

In this episode of Canyon Questions, we address the question of a call to ministry. How can a man know if he is called to ministry? What should he do if he thinks he is? What does the process look like to determine a call to ministry?


Thoughts to consider:

  • “Every Christian everywhere is called to minister.”
  • “The first sign of a call to ministry is an intense, all-absorbing desire for the work.”
  • “God has very clear expectations for how the minister should live.”
  • “Ministry is not a one-time threshold to cross; it’s an ongoing accountability to God’s Word and God’s people.”
  • “The testimony of the church in many ways hinges on the testimony of those who lead it.”
  • “The church is responsible for the leaders they call.”
  • “Churches are cosigning on the lives of students they send to seminary.”
  • “If the gospel is not the center of one's passion in ministry, one won’t last too long in ministry.”

(Bullet points taken from "Discerning Your Call to Ministry" available HERE)